Tug The Table Game

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IMG_0759Tug the Table is a rather funny flash game, which offers two game modes – Single Player mode, where you play against the computer and the Multiplayer Mode to play with your friends. The mission of the player in Tug The Table game is rather simple – win the round by tugging the table towards the safe zone. The stage is divided into 2 colors – Red And Blue. If you manage to tug the table with the opponent towards your zone, you win the round. To win the game you have to achieve success in 5 levels where you will face variety of challenges, including the slippery floor in the room, tilting rooms or even extra-long legs and no heads. The same rules are for the multiplayer mode. The controls of the game are simple enough, in single mode you have to press Up arrow button, in multiplayer mode, of the players press Up arrow key, while the other [W] button. Hope that you will enjoy the full version of Tug The Table game at TugTheTable.org




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